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Elite real estate company "Darx" was founded in 2011 in Ukraine. Since 2017, the company has been operating and provides its services in Azerbaijan and abroad. The work of the company consist of exclusively luxury real estate in all areas of the Baku city, cooperating with luxury residences, provided with all the amenities for a comfortable stay at the highest level, such as: Port Baku Residence, Roseville Residence, Park Azure Residence, Vurgun Residence, Chiraq Plaza Residence, Pilot Residence, Piramida Plaza Residence. In addition to successful activities in the territory of Azerbaijan affecting all regions the Darx Company works at the international level, cooperating with different european companies.

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Where are the premium apartments located in Baku city?

Premium Apartments are located in Port Baku Residence, Roseville Residence, Park Azure Residence, Burglar Residence, Lighthouse Plaza Residence, Pilot Residence, Pyramid Plaza Residence.

Are there rental apartments in Port Baku?

There are monthly rental apartments in Port Baku.

Can place an apartment ad on the premium ads of the site? present possibility to place a premium ads on the site.

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